^ These placid traces, brashfully abrasive. Cold Coffee. Water-Lilly.

Video created for GORETEX, a micro-residency on the Isle of Mull.

Trance states follow to unhinge the clichéd clichés. Overbaked scepticism, the real has become unreal, hyper-real, then real again in the fluttering of a tiny butterfly’s wings.

Foolhardy foolishness. Reserved reservedness, reserving the right to tighten the shoulders, unsubmitting underbearingly to feeling.

Weirdfish, arsefish, salmonfish – the brain has turned to jelly AND I LET IT. These now overbearing connections bearing the massy weight of my three-ton culpability.

Meaning is splattered, sprayed as a bewilderingly bitter aftertaste in the mouth, illogically accompanying the monotone sweetness. Unwillingly revealing its ambivalent nuances to the troughing ingesters, consuming all in their path.

A blurring of the mind in exchange for an opening of the eyes. My jellied-eel consciousness comatosed to the prods and knocks that constitute its serenefull wobbliness.