^ Subtracted, Distracted, Refracted, Distressed

(text from video)

Focus… Why so bogged down in focus? This functional format of a fucking studio is only a formal necessity. Pervasive Internet pervasive lunch pervasive friends. An article in the New York Times 'The Art of Distraction' converging my good willed intentions and labour away from any authentic focus. Where is authentic focus when the subject matter is distraction? Distracted distractions or concentrated distractions? Is the subject matter distraction or have I simply distracted myself to such an indescribable degree that this seems appropriate? Scribable indescribability, subtracted distracted refracted distressed. Indescribable scribable scribbable bibble. Is bibble a real British snack? …

My desk, a squeaky nonchalant* disclaimer disclaiming squeakiness nonchalantly. Noncy nonsensical negligence, *indifference - unconcerned - careless (of a person or manner) Feeling or appearing casually calm and relaxed. Internet synonyms, cinnamon synonyms, synonym cinnamon cinnamon synonym sibilance synonym, cinnamon cinnamon cinnamon synonym sibilance cinnamon. Related questions - Cinnamon buns recipe?

The abyss of perpetual frustrated reinvention. The vicious (yet seemingly more appropriately - lackadaisical) circle, revolving at a speed set to SCHIZOPHRENIC MANIAC ON ACID. At a glance its pointless floundering towards a purpose appears as a masterful display of obsolescence. Axis set into concrete, the intention of this once archaic device cannot be deciphered by modern means.

Rationalisation – ‘a mathematic simplification of an equation by eliminating radicals without changing the values of the expression.’
Or is it a cognitive process of justifying one’s actions and ideas based on a set of predetermined boundaries? For example, IS THIS SHIT? By triangulating the actions and achievements of others along with maybe the skill or execution of such actions (if that’s important to you), add into this some sort of moral code and anything else you want to throw into this already clichéd bag of balls, or marbles. And you can get some sort of answer. Although unlike mathematics there is no universally accepted outcome and is even possible that you conform to the third definition of rationalisation – ‘a defense mechanism by which your true motivation is concealed by explaining your actions and feelings in a way that is not threatening’.

Our glance lingers over a fresh cream slice outlined by maybe twenty equally cream pages on either side, cuffed by a supposedly black (actually dark grey) scratched matte, slightly pinked card exterior. The page, painterly in itself, defouled by the scrawly spider notes and shit drawings.

The page denotes: The corridor space will be used. The walls are black, the protagonist is lit from behind -The protagonist anxiously walks over the uneven surface and gets distracted by a side room –– switch camera angle ––