About ME

I take influence from Artists Moving Image, Narrative Film and Creative Writing. I like to combine outbursts of character-driven dialogue within streams of fragmentary metaphorical images. Every image has its own associations and meaning that can be accentuated or twisted by how it’s framed or combined, in the same way the meaning of words are altered by how they are combined within poetry.


BA (Hons) Intermedia Art, Edinburgh College of Art, UK

Film Festivals

Crosstalk Video Art Festival, Budapest

VAEFF- Video Art and Experimental Film Festival, Tribeca Cinemas, New York

Group Exhibitions

The London Art Book Fair, Whitechapel Gallery, London

NE Fest, Sofia, Bulgaria                                                                                 

Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh

Bold as Brass, disused office space, York

Medium, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh

Nowt But Spit An’ Glue, East Street Arts’ Wellington Street Gallery, Leeds

Mirrors of The Mind, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh

Come Here Often, The Bongo Club, Edinburgh

Light Night, Leeds College of Art, Leeds

Nine-Five-Nine, Art in Unusual Spaces, Leeds


Upland, Cultybraggan PoW Camp, Comrie

GORETEX, Antobar, The Isle of Mull

Il muro d’Europa, Urban Art Workshop, San Sperate, Sardinia